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Rapid Intervention Vehicle – MRIV

Meraj Rapid Intervention Vehicle (MRIV) is a compact solution for smaller airports/airfields. This vehicle proves its extensive potential through higher stability and faster intervention. It impresses along the lines of being lightweight, compact and capable. This results in optimising drivability and coordinated work procedures. The system can be easily adapted at any time to suit the requirements for any small airport fire department.


Meraj Rapid Intervention Vehicle

MRIV Series – Small Airports & Helipad

The MRIV Series Meraj Rapid Intervention Vehicle is specifically designed for small airports and helipads, ensuring rapid and safe operations in critical situations. Built on dual-axle vehicle chassis, we source from American manufacturers with exceptional quality, or European/Japanese chassis with permanent all-wheel drive and dual tires. This combination ensures the utmost stability and traction, allowing our Rapid Intervention Vehicles to handle even the toughest terrains effortlessly.


Unmatched Firefighting Performance

The heart of our Meraj Rapid Intervention Vehicle MRIV Series lies in its firefighting capabilities. Equipped with a high-performance firefighting pump, it can deliver an impressive output of up to 2,000 liters per minute at 10 bars. With the option for an independent pump engine (gasoline or diesel) or a pump and roll PTO, our vehicles can simultaneously drive and fight fires, making them incredibly efficient during emergencies.


Customizable Tank and Auxiliary Systems

One size does not fit all. That’s why we offer customizable tank sizes, allowing you to choose capacities of up to 3,000 liters. Whether it’s for handling smaller incidents or tackling large-scale emergencies, our MRIV Series adapts to your specific requirements, ensuring you have the right amount of firefighting power when you need it the most.


Comprehensive Set of Tools

To meet diverse firefighting needs, we go the extra mile by offering additional systems. Our optional dry powder units and CO2 systems provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to combat various types of fires effectively. With these innovative product solutions, our MRIV Series becomes the perfect all-rounder for any airport fire department.


Accommodate Your Crew

We understand the importance of a well-equipped team during emergencies. That’s why the Meraj Rapid Intervention Vehicle MRIV Series offers two distinct cab configurations. Choose between the 2-door single cab for two persons or the 4-door double cab, accommodating up to five persons. The spacious and ergonomic design ensures that your firefighting team is comfortable and ready to respond swiftly when every second counts.


Tactical Deployment

Equipped with an automatic foam system and water/foam roof turret or bumper turret, the Meraj Rapid Intervention Vehicle MRIV Series enables tactical firefighting operations. Furthermore, the vehicle comes with under truck nozzles on all wheels and on the front, providing all-around fire suppression capabilities. For precision firefighting in confined spaces, our Ultra-High Pressure System (UHPS) can be deployed via its own pump engine with a hose reel.


Features – Meraj Rapid Intervention Vehicle

  • 2-door single cab for two persons
  • 4-door double cab for five persons
  • Firefighting pump with output of up to 2,000 l/min at 10 bar
  • Pump drive via independent pump engine (gasoline or diesel) or pump and roll PTO for simultaneous driving and firefighting
  • Automatic foam systems water/foam roof turret or bumper turret
  • Under truck nozzles on all wheels and on the front of the vehicle
  • Ultra-High Pressure System (UHPS) drive via own pump engine with hose reel.
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