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UT Series Pumps

Our industrial pumps, including the UT Series, are manufactured in compliance with international standards using advanced yet straightforward methods. These series offer a selection of options tailored for industrial use, ensuring exceptional quality and performance for oil and gas companies and governments.

MERAJ’s UT Series gear-reducer, power take-off (PTO) pumps excel in various clean liquid-handling applications, ranging from dust control at quarries to aircraft fuel supply. These pumps are specifically designed for transferring fluids without large solids.

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UT Series Pumps

UT Series Pumps – Power in Precision

Welcome to the realm of efficiency and precision, where MERAJ’s UT Series Pumps redefine clean liquid handling. Crafted for performance in diverse industries, from quarries to fuel supply, these pumps embody power, versatility, and reliability.

Precision Engineering for Clean Fluids

In the world of clean liquid handling, precision matters. The UT Series Pumps are designed to excel in applications requiring the transfer of fluids without large solids. From managing jet fuel to diesel, these pumps are your trusted partners in keeping aircraft fueled and engines running. 

Rugged yet Lightweight

Crafted with a rugged yet lightweight construction, the UT Series Pumps combine durability with portability. Their compact design finds its home in the unused spaces of chassis frames on refueling and water transfer vehicles. This innovative placement optimizes functionality without compromising vehicle space.

Efficiency Meets Adaptability

Fuel rates demanded by local service carriers and suppliers are no challenge for the UT Series Pumps. Their efficient performance seamlessly handles these requirements, ensuring a continuous flow of fuel where it’s needed the most. From fire trucks to sewerage cleaning trucks, these pumps fuel efficiency and safety.

Elevate Performance with Options

Choose between brass or aluminum alloy impellers, tailoring the pump to your specific needs. The UT Series Pumps offer a body in either ductile iron or aluminum alloy, providing choices that match your industry’s demands. Their versatility extends to compatibility with electric drives, allowing for seamless integration into your operations.  


  • Variable Speed:
Enjoy customizable pumping speeds to match your specific requirements, enhancing efficiency and adaptability.
  • Hydraulic Drive
The hydraulic drive system ensures consistent and reliable pumping, providing optimal power delivery.
  • Power Take-Off (PTO)
Designed with a power take-off mechanism, these pumps are ideal for various clean liquid-handling applications.
  • Electric Drive Compatibility
Seamlessly integrate these pumps with electric drives for versatile and efficient operation.
  • Impeller Options
Choose between brass or aluminum alloy impellers to suit your fluid handling needs.
  • Rugged Construction
Built to withstand demanding environments, the pumps feature rugged construction for long-lasting durability.
  • Compact Design
The compact design allows installation in tight spaces, optimizing vehicle or equipment functionality.
  • Fuel Efficiency
The UT Series efficiently handles fuel rates demanded by local service carriers and suppliers.
  • Multiple Unit Installations
Their efficient design allows for multiple unit installations, making them suitable for various applications.
  • Auxiliary Pump Capability
These pumps serve as excellent auxiliary pumps for fire trucks, sewerage cleaning trucks, and water pumpers.
  • Adaptable Drive Options
When power take-off or auxiliary drive connections are not suitable, UT Series pumps can be adapted for DC or hydraulic motor drives.
  • Material Options
Choose between ductile iron or aluminum alloy for the pump body, catering to different industry needs.    

UT Series – Technical Data

UT-2 (75 x 75 mm) UT-3 (100 x 100 mm)
Discharge 2” 3”
Max. Head (ft.) 350 200
Max. Flow (GPM) 185 400
Max. RPM 900 3450
Power (HP) 20 30
Net Weight (LB / KG) 46.3 lbs / 21 kg 103.62 lbs / 47 kg
Impeller 6.5” 7.25”
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