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Truck Mounted Fire Fighting Pumps

Firefighting systems in truck-mounted applications require pumps that can adapt to changing situations, provide maximum discharge head and flow rate, withstand high temperatures, and operate smoothly. MERAJ manufactures reliable firefighting safety pumps specifically designed for truck-mounted applications, with their performance thoroughly tested and proven over the years. 

Our FP series pumps are single-stage, centrifugal pumps with PTO technology designed to meet the high pressure flow rates ranging from 325 to 1500 GPM required for major high-pressure applications. The FP series are our best-selling truck-mounted pumps and are available with 2 or 3 gears transmission, allowing for the addition of a high-pressure booster pump or CAFS.



Truck Mounted Fire Fighting Pumps

Truck Mounted Fire Fighting Pumps – Elevate Firefighting Excellence

Welcome to a world where safety meets power, where MERAJ’s Truck Mounted Fire Fighting Pumps redefine fire fighting standards. Designed to adapt, perform, and excel, these pumps are your unwavering shield against the fiercest fires.

Safety Reinvented

When flames roar and lives hang in the balance, safety is non-negotiable. The TRUCK MOUNTED FIRE FIGHTING PUMPS bring a symphony of power and precision to firefighting. These single-stage centrifugal pumps, with PTO technology, deliver the high-pressure flow rates needed for critical situations.

Proven Performance

With a track record of reliability tested and proven over years, our FP Series pumps stand tall as your allies in combating fires. From firefighting aerials to ARFF vehicles, industrial pumpers to pumper tankers, these pumps shine as the industry’s trusted choice.

Unmatched Features

Dive into a range of features designed for excellence. The TRUCK MOUNTED FIRE FIGHTING PUMPS offer variable speed control, allowing adaptability to every situation. The power take-off mechanism ensures consistent operation, while compatibility with electric drives provides versatility.

Built to Conquer

Choose between brass or aluminum alloy impellers, tailoring the pump’s efficiency to your needs. The body options of ductile iron, aluminum alloy, or gun metal promise resilience against the most intense conditions. These pumps can be mounted on skids or trailers, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.


  • Variable Speed Control

Adapt to different firefighting scenarios with adjustable speed settings, ensuring efficient and precise water delivery.

  • Power Take-Off (PTO) Technology

Benefit from consistent and reliable operation with PTO technology that delivers power directly from the truck’s engine.

  • Electric Drive Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with electric drives for enhanced versatility and alternative power sources.

  • Impeller Options

Choose between brass or aluminum alloy impellers, tailoring the pump’s performance to your specific firefighting needs.

  • Durable Body Options

Select from ductile iron, aluminum alloy, or gun metal bodies, offering resilience against extreme firefighting conditions.

  • Skid-Mountable and Trailer-Mountable

Enjoy flexible deployment options with pumps that can be easily mounted on skids or trailers for rapid response.

  • 2-Stage Model Available

Opt for the 2-stage model for added pressure and efficiency in demanding firefighting situations.

  • Multi-Pressure Model

Choose the multi-pressure model for a flow rate of 400 LPM at 40 bar, ensuring effective water delivery at high pressures.

  • Automatic and Electric Priming:

Experience ease of use with automatic and electric priming, reducing the time needed to prepare the pump for operation.

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