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MT Series Pumps

MERAJ dewatering and trash pumps are manufactured solutions for municipal, industrial and construction needs. This dependable vehicle is motorized to function as a self-priming centrifuge, making it easy to operate and maintain. Compartmentalized with medium head pumps and advanced reprime capabilities makes this vehicle appropriate to handle heavy duty waste without comprising on longevity and craftsmanship.



Meraj Dewatering and Trash Pumps

MT Series – Innovative Solution for Efficient Waste Management

Introducing the pinnacle of engineering ingenuity – the MERAJ Dewatering and Trash Pumps. With a legacy of groundbreaking advancements, we proudly present a self-priming marvel designed to handle industrial and sewage waste like never before. Unyielding in strength, yet remarkably easy to maintain, this pump stands as a testament to our commitment to meet and exceed your expectations.  

Engineered for Varied Needs

Dive into the world of cutting-edge municipal, industrial, and construction solutions with the MT Series Pumps (MERAJ Dewatering and Trash Pumps). This dependable workhorse is motorized to operate as a self-priming centrifuge, providing effortless functionality and hassle-free maintenance. Built with precision and finesse, its compartmentalized design features medium head pumps and advanced reprime capabilities, making it a stalwart companion for tackling heavy-duty waste without compromising on durability or craftsmanship.

Mastering Waste Management with Innovation

Revolutionize your waste management endeavors with the MT Series Pumps. Dive into efficiency, precision, and longevity with our state-of-the-art solutions. Unleash the power of innovation and witness unparalleled performance in handling waste.


Experience the future of pump technology with the MERAJ Dewatering and Trash Pump’s remarkable features:

  • External Shimless Adjustment
Fine-tuning made effortless. The external shimless cover plate offers seamless clearance adjustment between the impeller and wear plate. Say goodbye to realigning belts or drive components. With a simple turn, the unique collar and adjusting screw allow incremental adjustments, ensuring prolonged impeller and wear plate lifespan while maintaining peak efficiency.
  • Solids Handling Masterpiece
Conquer challenges effortlessly. The two-vane, semi-open impeller manages solids up to 3 inches (75 mm) in diameter (based on pump model). Ingenious pump out vanes on the impeller shroud prevent material buildup, safeguarding seals and bearings. Opt for multi-vane impellers in “B” hydraulics models for elevated head applications with limited solids.
  • Removable Cover Plate with “Easy-Grip” Handle
Swift solutions at your fingertips. The removable cover plate boasts an “easy-grip” handle and pusher bolt capability, granting swift access to the pump interior without disconnecting pipes. Clear clogs, reinstate the pump within minutes. And that’s not all – impeller, seal, wear plate, and flap valve accessibility through the coverlet opening facilitate inspections and servicing.
  • Effortless Rotating Assembly Management
Zero-hassle maintenance. Examining pump shaft or bearings is a breeze – remove the rotating assembly without disturbing the casing or piping. Unbolt four screws at the back, and the assembly slides out. This seamless process ensures swift installation of a spare rotating assembly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Replaceable Wear Plate Advantage
Sustainability redefined. MERAJ Super T Series pumps feature replaceable wear plates. These plates securely attach to the cover plate, enabling easy removal for inspections or service. Bid farewell to costly castings – embrace a smarter, cost-effective solution.

MT Series – Technical Data

MT-2 MT-3 MT-4 MT-6 MT-8 MT-10 MT-12
Discharge 2” 3” 4” 6” 8” 10” 12”
Max. Head (ft.) 103 112 119 111 109 133 120
Max. Flow (GPM) 225 450 730 1500 2620 3200 4000
Max. RPM 2000 2000 1750 1550 1450 1450 1450
Max. Power (HP) 10 15 15 50 60 100 125
Net Weight (lb / kg) 203 lbs / 92 kg 220 lbs / 99 kg 310 lbs / 141 kg 935 lbs / 425 kg 1705 lbs / 775 kg 1750 lbs / 794 kg 2200 lbs / 998 kg
Repriming Lift 24 ft 25 ft 25 ft 25 ft 23 ft 22 ft 18"
Max. Solid Sphere 1.5" 2.5" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3"
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We offer a diverse range of high-quality and innovative equipment & vehicle solutions for various industries. Our commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach ensures that our equipment is designed to meet your specific needs and deliver exceptional performance.



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