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MH Series Pumps

MERAJ has a range of suitable pumps that are capable to deal with the working atmosphere of Municipal Applications. These pumps Are NON CLOGGING pumps. These can handle a vast range of fluids and pumps are also are available that are used for watering and de-watering.

MH Series is Self-priming centrifugal, heavy-duty, solid-handling, medium head pumps with re-prime capability, and advanced design and maintenance features. The pumps are economical and dependable. They are easy to install and maintain. All pumps are manufactured which meets the international standards.



MH Series

MH Series – Unmatched Performance in Municipal Applications

Discover the MH Series pumps – your ultimate solution for the toughest challenges in municipal work. With a deep understanding of the demands posed by diverse fluids and challenging environments, MERAJ presents the MH Series, a range of self-priming centrifugal pumps designed to excel in municipal applications.

Elevate Your Municipal Work with MH Series Pumps

Choose the MH Series pumps for unbeatable reliability, adaptable performance, and efficient design. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology that meets international standards. MERAJ’s commitment to excellence ensures that your municipal applications will thrive with the MH Series pumps by your side.

Reliability in Adverse Conditions

When it comes to municipal work, reliability is paramount. Our MH Series pumps are engineered to handle the most demanding fluid conditions, from slurries to unpredictable mixtures. These non-clogging pumps ensure uninterrupted performance, allowing you to conquer your tasks with confidence.

Efficient Design, Easy Maintenance

The MH Series pumps are not only built to perform, but also designed for convenience. Installing and maintaining these pumps is a breeze, saving you valuable time and effort. Their advanced engineering ensures hassle-free operation and longevity, while the economical build doesn’t compromise on performance.


  • Powerful Performance
With a maximum power of up to 100 HP, the MH Series pumps deliver the force you need to tackle even the most demanding applications.
  • Adaptable Sizing
Available in 3″, 4″, and 6″ sizes, these pumps offer versatility to fit various tasks and requirements.
  • Impressive Capacity
Boasting a maximum flow of up to 1300 GPM, these pumps ensure efficient fluid movement, enhancing productivity.
  • Solid Handling
Designed to handle solid spheres as large as 28.57 mm, these pumps can tackle challenging debris-laden fluids.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
Built to international standards, the MH Series pumps feature robust materials that ensure longevity and reliability.  

MH Series – Technical Data

MH-3 (75 x 75 mm) MH-4 (100 x 100 mm) MH-6 (150 x 150 mm)
Discharge 3” 4” 6”
Max. Head (ft.) 210 190 175
Max. Flow (GPM) 370 650 1360
Max. RPM 2150 2150 2250
Power (HP) 25 40 100
Net Weight (LB / KG) 472 lbs / 214 kg 600 lbs / 272 kg 910 lbs / 413 kg
Impeller 11” 11” 25”
Max. Solid Sphere 20.63 mm 28.57 mm 32 mm
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